For more than two decades, Legion Arts has been your source for adventurous culture in Eastern Iowa.

At CSPS Hall you’ve encountered groundbreaking young artists from across America and around the globe. You’ve connected with local performers and creators, as well as renowned figures like Odetta and Yoko Ono, Andres Serrano and Robert Wilson.

And our work doesn’t stop at the stage edge or gallery wall. Believers in the catalytic power of art, Legion Arts has led the way in connecting culture to historic preservation, civic engagement, community development and economic vitality.

Yet this small, award-winning organization remains strictly independent. There’s no university, local government, or major funder backing us. Every single thing we do is dependent on grassroots support from people like you.

Because you get it, because you value courage and connection, originality and innovation, we invite you to join the diverse group of supporters shown below.

And don't forget, you may be able to double your gift if your employer matches charitable contributions. (If you don't know, we can help you check.)

Thank you, and thanks to all those who've donated this year:

$10,000 and up
Cedar Rapids Hotel-Motel Fund
Humanities Iowa
Iowa Arts Council
Linn County
McIntyre Foundation

$5000 and up
Collins Community Credit Union 
Greater Cedar Rapids Community Foundation
Rockwell Collins
$1000 and up
Steve & Mary Beth Allsop 
Pat & Judy Baird 
Phyllis Barber
James & Sandra Boddicker 
Kate Hawkins 
Barbara & John Hunerjager 
Thomas Jackson & Joanne Stevens
Brad & Tamra Lang 
David Maier 
National Performance Network
Susan Stamats   

$500 and up
Holly Carver
Cedar Rapids Bank & Trust
John Chaimov & Jenny Schulz
John & Karen Clark-Hansen
Libby Slappey & Charles Crawley
Bryan & Kristine Davis
Jane Gilmor
Michelle & Mark Jensen
Janelle & George McClain
Scott Palmberg 
Chuck & Mary Ann Peters
Kim & Dick Pierson
William & Winifred Shuttleworth
Dale & Sara Todd

$200 and up
Steve Black
Matt Brown & Gina Hausknecht
Bob & Lois Buntz
Daniel Campion
Fred & Velga Easker
Hilery Livengood & Ben Fashimpaur
Kathy Good
Terence Pitts & Kathy Hall
James Harris
Sue Harwood
Hawkeye Fire & Safety
Jamie Johnson
Angela Wiegand & Daniel Kurfis
Anne Taylor & Jeff Lindeman
Nate & Maria Morrison
Scott & Penny Olson
Jim Peters & Laure Wess Peters
Betsy Read
Allison York & John Schmidt
David Van Allen
Ni & Wade Wagner
John Ward
Karen Wickre
George & Carrol Woodworth

$100 & up
Richard & Linden Aerts 
Tom & Kathleen Aller 
Joel Barnum 
Laurie Haag & Susan Beckett 
Lori Bobenhouse
James Burke & Maria Doce 
Ron Corbett 
Leonard Sandler & Lucy David 
Andra Dill 
Brett Engmark
Fidelity Charitable
Judy & Steve Fuemmeler 
General Mills 
Deborah & Leon Green 
Marc & Cathy Gullickson 
Rich & Julie Hanson  
Paul Ingram & Ellen Heywood 
Anna & Wayne Holstine
Joel Score & Jo Hormuth
Robert & Joan Kocher 
David Krug 
Angela Wiegand & Daniel Kurfis 
Steve & Heather Mescher 
Jim & Rose Marie Monagan 
Scott & Penny Olson 
Joseph & Colleen Peterson 
Cleve Redmond 
Kate & Steve Sanders 
Joe & Jackie Schreder 
Kathy & Jeffrey Schumacher 
Ray & Lynda Smith 
George Strader
Carol Sudmeier 
Gloria Zmolek 

$50 and up
Craig & Debbie Aldrich 
Erin Wells & Michael Barnes 
Janelle Rettig & Robin Butler 
Melanie Cleveland
Bob & Barb Drexler   
Jenny Gringer                      
Sally & Allan Harms
Gerald & Linda Hinzman 
Alan Kay 
Julie Kearney 
Deborah Michaels & Jonathan Larson 
Barb McGee 
Bruce & Jane Nesmith 
William Prowell
Shannon Ramsay 
Jim & Barb Steggall   
Shel & Ann Stromquist  
Steve & Karen Swenson 
Tim Wilkey 
Mark Williams

$25 and up
Diane Bradbury 
Diana Harris & John Brandon 
Joe Derderian 
James Dunne                    
Angie Dwyer 
Chad Gammon 
Karen Knox 
Patrick Muller 
Don & Marty Norton
Casey & Lindsay Prince 
Kathy Hall & Cindy Price
Patrick Soyer 
Michael Zimmermann

If your name is listed incorrectly here,  please do let us know.