Eye Dance by Bob Campagna

Eye Dance is a four-decade survey of the work of photographer Bob Campagna. Campagna, a Cedar Rapids native, has lived in Colorado since 2007, although he continues to visit and frequently work in his home state. Beginning in the early 1980s, as an artist and teacher, Campagna has turned his camera on the people and landscapes of Eastern Iowa, on the structures and places lining Route 66, on the residents of the Meskwaki Settlement. Utilizing a variety of photographic media and techniques, and assorted display formats, his exhibit constitutes a unique, multifaceted exploration of Middle America in our time.

Colorways by Michael Rutherford

Colorways comprises paintings by Michael Rutherford, a self-taught artist who grew up in Iowa, majored in political science at Buena Vista University, and currently lives in Packwood, a tiny town near Fairfield. His paintings, subtle and atmospheric, draw on memories and experience, while also incorporating the random marks and symbols he happens to encounter in everyday life.