The Greyhounds

The Greyhounds

  • August 7, 2018 at 7:00pm
  • CSPS Hall
  • $14 advance | $17 door

"The war is on for your mind," sings Anthony Farrell, one-half of the soulful Austin duo Greyhounds, "and we're on the same side." Arriving midway through the band's adventurous new album, Change of Pace, the line serves as a powerful refrain, with Farrell's voice peaking in intensity over partner Andrew Trube's chirping electric guitar. But more than just a memorable hook, it's an encapsulation of the shift in consciousness that defines the album, Greyhounds' second collection of funky, blues-and-R&B-laced rock and roll for the iconic Ardent label.

"This record has a lot to do with what's around us," explains Trube, who splits songwriting and singing duties with Farrell. "We're passionate about what's going on right now. It's not necessarily 'political,' but as an artist, I feel like it's our duty to provide a looking glass for people to see what's going on, to encourage them to wake up and start taking care of the world and each other."

A guitarist and a keyboard player who first met in Los Angeles, Trube and Farrell conjure the kind of magic that’s earned them widespread attention from critics and peers alike. Derek Trucks exclaims "Greyhounds make real music, the right way and for the right reasons," while JJ Grey describes their songs as landing "somewhere between a heartfelt hymn and the dirtiest jank you've ever heard in your life." Esquire has hailed their sound as "intoxicating, gut-wrenchingly lovely," while Texas Monthly praises the "ringing guitar, bluesy swagger, and all the pain a strained falsetto can convey."

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