Red Cedar Chamber Music

Red Cedar Chamber Music

  • October 27, 2018 at 8:00pm
  • CSPS Hall
  • $20

Legion Arts is pleased to welcome back Eastern Iowa’s acclaimed Red Cedar Chamber Music with Love & Life, an exciting concert program featuring violinist Miera Kim, cellist Carey Bostian, and spoken word artist Akwi Nji.

The program’s title work was commissioned by local arts supporter Tom Carroll as a gift to his wife, Patrice, on their 40th wedding anniversary. Co-written by composer-in-residence Stephen Cohn and guest artist Akwi Nji, Love & Life is a marriage of words and music, taking the listener on a journey of love.

Two other works on the program feature Nji’s readings. Iowa composer Michael Kimber has written a new duet that the ensemble pairs with Long Dance, Slow Revolution, a 1997 poem by Cedar Rapids poet Julie Hanson. Finally, David Ott’s Conversations is a virtuoso duo, in six movements, for violin and cello. During workshops this fall, Washington High School students will be invited to write verses in response to Ott’s music, and selected responses will be read by Nji at each of the work’s performances.

Award-winning Red Cedar Chamber Music has been bringing innovative concert projects and residency programs to diverse Iowa audiences since 1997. Miera Kim and Carey Bostian have directed the ensemble since 2015.