1.  Front of House
At almost every performance, volunteers function as greeters, ticket sellers, ushers, and merchandise sellers. Is there a place for you? We can also use volunteer receptionists to cover the box office window, especially on weekends. (Contact Dan or Mel.)

2.  Production
We always say it because it’s true. We couldn’t produce a single concert without volunteers. They set up the theatre, hang lights, position microphones and other equipment, run the lights and sound, and restore things afterward. Tech volunteers are always needed. Handy with a hammer and saw? You could help us build set pieces or gallery pedestals. Also, if you’re ambitious and have some serious design chops, we occasionally make big changes in our lighting and set design. (Contact Dan.)

3.  Concessions
Carlo is a major source of income, as well a site for social interaction. For it all to work we need to have congenial, organized people behind the bar. Is that you? (Contact Dan.)

4.  Hospitality
It seems we’re always feeding people at CSPS. Artists, before or after their shows; audience members and visitors, during events and receptions; volunteers, when we’re celebrating. If you’re good at cooking, ordering, purchasing food or presenting it, or cleaning up, we could probably use your help. (Contact Dan or Mel.)

5.  Marketing and Publicity
Marketing help is always needed, especially with distribution of flyers and posters. We’re currently putting in place a new poster-distribution system. You can be part of it! Also, if you enjoy speaking in front of people, we sometimes need individuals to help introduce artists or emcee events. (Contact Dan or Taylor.)

6.  Cleaning and Maintenance
Legion Arts is responsible for a lot of square footage, not only CSPS Hall, but the Firehouse, courtyard, parking lot ….  If you enjoy cleaning, painting, straightening up or organizing, we can find a place for you, either occasionally or on a regular basis. Got a green thumb or enjoy gardening and plants? You’d be welcome. Like doing laundry? We’ve got that too. (Contact Dan or Mel.)

7.  Repairs and Upkeep
Things break. Bulbs need replacing. Wires wear out. Toilets mysteriously stop flushing. Whenever one of these problems can be solved by a volunteer, the money we save can be put into our arts programming. (Contact Dan or Mel.)

8.  Archiving
The organizing, filing ― and sometimes even the discarding ― of artist and marketing materials is an ongoing challenge, and we can always use help. Flexible scheduling! Work at your own pace! (Contact Mel.)

9.  Event Planning
Committees are sometimes formed to help plan and carry out things like Make Music Day, Landfall Festival of World Music, and other special events. (Contact Taylor.)