For visual artists

At CSPS Hall we host 12-20 solo and group shows each Sept-July season. CSPS Hall features four exhibition spaces. Three are on the second floor: Main Gallery (30' wide, 45' long, 20' ceiling), Club Room (adjacent to Main Gallery, 30' wide, 45' long, 11' ceiling), Digital Gallery (adjacent to Club Room, 12' wide, 18' long, 10' ceiling). On the ground floor is the Commons Gallery (22' wide, 30' long, 10' ceiling).

For performing artists

We host more than 100 performing arts events each season, including local, national and international artists, at all stages of their careers. Our primary performance space is a 200-seat listening room and theatre on the second floor. House is 45' wide, 50' deep, 20' ceiling with lighting grid. Various seating configurations are possible, up to a capacity of 200 seats. The raised stage (4' off the house floor) is 45' wide, 30' deep, 30' ceiling, with a lighting grid and drapery. Proscenium opening is 22' wide, 12' high.

On the ground floor, C Space is a multipurpose, black box-style room seating up to 70 (20' wide, 46' long, 14' ceiling with grid). The room is primarily used for readings, film screenings, and small theatre productions.