Legion Arts Board of Directors 2018

Mel Andringa
Legion Arts

Jim Boddicker, MD
Unity Point Health St. Luke's

Ann Ewoldt
ACP, Inc

Jane Gilmor
Mount Mercy University

Claudio Hidalgo-Wohlleben
Kirkwood Community College

Sue Millar
MIllar Woodwind Repair

Dick Pierson
Rockwell Collins

Phillip Platz
Mount Mercy University

Jennifer Rowray
Allegra Printing

Matthew Steele
Little Village

Lemi Tilahuhn
Political activist

Matthew Van Maanen

Advisory Board 2018

David Chadima
Thorland Company

Chuck Peters

Leighton A. Smith

Joanne Stevens
Iowa Realty

Ni Wagner
Science Center of Iowa

Stacey Walker
Linn County Board of Supervisors

Legion Arts is committed to maintaining a diverse board of directors that includes, among others, working artists and residents of our immediate neighborhood. If you’re interested in serving, feel free to contact us.